Jordan Klein Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

About Jordan Klein

Diamonds are among the most rare and exquisite triumphs of nature. But for Jordan Klein, who grew up in the industry and developed his expertise as a diamond buyer for a major jeweler, they are second nature. Realizing a gap in the industry, he launched Jordan Klein, inc. in order to provide a high end experience for engagement ring shoppers that would give each client the ability to create their ideal ring regardless of budget. This expanded into a full service custom jewelry business for every type of client. His designs represent a new generation—fresh and modern to the core—that reinterpret time-honored conventions of style. He prides himself on creating a diverse selection of chic and elegant settings for any budget. One thing he carries forward with pride, from watching his father serve generations of brides and grooms in love, is a distinctly old-fashioned sense of customer appreciation and service.

Custom is his specialty. Jordan knows diamonds, and is proud to share his expertise with customers. Among his favorite things of all is to partner with individual clients to create a one-of-a-kind ring, like no other in the world. From helping to select the perfect stone to developing the ideal setting to capture its beauty, he takes great pleasure in sitting down with you, to run you through the many options and styles, so you will arrive at the one that perfectly matches your style, your life, your passion.

Given such rare quality and service, one would expect you’d have to be wealthy to shop here. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Getting engaged is the experience of a lifetime, and Jordan Klein treats it accordingly, offering the same premium, red-carpet treatment to all, whether your budget is $500 or $500,000. Jordan Klein has a deep and abiding conviction that high quality is a matter of taste and knowledge—and that the most important thing of all is that, for she who wears it, it will feel sexy and alive for many years to come.

Jordan Klein believes ethics is most important thing when running a jewelry company. With that being said Jordan Klein, Inc. only sources conflict free diamonds and is fully committed to the UN mandated Kimberley Process.